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        Welcome to Weihai Gongyou Foundry Machinery CO., LTD

        About usABOUT US

        Weihai Gongyou Foundry Machinery Co.,Ltd is the subsidiary company of Shandong Gongyou Group Co., Ltd,which is located in the beautiful seashore city—Weihai ,Shandong Province, China . For over thirty years, we are specialized in manufacturing of foundry ladles which have been widely used in the world. As the primary goal, we provide perfect products and services for customers.
        Our products consist of casting ladles, transfer ladles, pouring ladles, ladle lining forming mold and ladle pre-heaters. The capacity of the ladle is range from 100 kg to 90000 kg (90 tons).
        All the time, we lead the trend of ladle designing and manufacturing. We can not only provide standard capacity of the ladle, but also can meet customer’s special requirements for design and manufacture of products.

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        Contact usCONTACT

        Address: No. 689 Qingdao South Road, Huancui District, Weihai, Shandong
        Tel: 0631-5366294 5366163 
        FAX: 0631-5375228
        E-mail: gyzj@gongyou.com
        Post Code: 264206
        Web: www.loyaltyyou.com
        Group Website: www.gongyou.com

        Copyright @2015-2018 Weihai Gongyou Foundry Machinery Co., Ltd .All Rights Reserved.
        Technical support: Enterprise Resource Network [login]

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